TSC Subsea Expanding to Provide ART for Subsea Inspections

Jul 1, 2020

TSC Subsea
ARTEMIS allows offshore operators to cost-effectively extend the lifetime of their subsea infrastructure, while simultaneously improving its technical safety.

TSC Subsea, a company based in Milton Keyes, UK, which specialises in solving the most challenging and remotely deployed subsea NDT inspections anywhere in the world, has acquired a new profile through the recent acquisition of Eddyfi/NDT of Halfwave.

The Halfwave business was previously divided into two main services: in-line inspection and subsea inspection services. As of July 1st, 2020, the subsea inspection services of Halfwave will now be fully integrated with TSC Subsea services to provide operators a wider range of inspection solution services.

With the integration of Halfwave, TSC Subsea will be the leading advanced remotely deployed subsea inspection company supporting both Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) and Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM).

In line with the integration and our ambitions to provide a strong service-minded, customer-oriented company, Eddyfi/NDT also would like to announce a change in the company’s corporate team: Paul Cooper, CEO of Halfwave, shall be appointed as president of TSC Subsea. Paul Cooper has been heading up the Halfwave business for the past seven years and has extensive experience leading subsea integrity services businesses. Paul Cooper and TSC management are planning to realise the potential of the technologies and continue the success story for the business.

Martin Theriault, Eddyfi/NDT CEO, says, “The integration of these two branches of our services will enable us to provide a strong technology-enabled inspection service portfolio to meet our clients’ needs. A technology advancement roadmap has already been planned based on the synergy of both companies, and we will be looking at some exciting developments in the very near future.”

Paul Cooper says, “The Halfwave subsea services have managed to achieve great success over the past few years and, with its integration into TSC Subsea, we now will have access to more unique market-leading technology and a wider global footprint to serve our clients. Bringing the talented TSC Subsea and Halfwave teams together is an exciting prospect from a technical and business prospective. I am looking forward to the challenge.”

TSC Subsea has 25 employees based in Milton Keyes, UK, and Halfwave Subsea has 12 employees based in Bergen, Norway. “Halfwave Subsea AS” shall be renamed to “TSC Subsea AS” as of July 1st, 2020.

ARTEMIS performing a subsea piggyback pipeline inspection

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