Zero Accident Vision

At TSC Subsea, we are strong believers that all accidents are preventable. Safety is more than a policy or a set of rules: It is a culture that all our employees adopt and is deeply rooted in every employee’s nature, and preventing accidents is incorporated into the mindset of every mission.

Continually improve the quality and sustainability

Through our focus on quality and safety, we have made it our mission to provide efficient, high-quality, safe services for our valued clients, and our work ethics are clearly geared toward this mission.

With the ever-evolving industry and world that we live in, we recognise the need to continually improve the quality and sustainability of everything we do and adapt our health, safety, and the environment policies to meet the current needs.

As such, we have enacted even stronger safety measures to our already consistently high standards for quality and safety to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and keep both our employees and our clients safe.