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For over three decades, TSC Subsea has been delivering expert engineering services dedicated to inspecting critical subsea assets. We remain fully committed to collaborating closely with our clients to identify optimal and highly efficient solutions that perfectly align with our client’s unique inspection requirements.
Leveraging our application specialist’s extensive knowledge in multiple advanced Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods, we design bespoke robotic solutions for conducting remote inspections with maximum safety and efficiency.

TSC Subsea is an award-winning subsea robotic NDT inspection service provider that specialises in solving the most challenging subsea NDT inspections anywhere in the world.

Whether inspection needs relate to subsea pipelines, risers, offshore platforms, wind turbines or vessel hulls, the company provides robotic inspection services, engineering solutions, and subject matter experts across all NDT disciplines, including technical authorities and level III NDT personnel, to ensure the repeated success of offshore inspection campaigns.

Subsea Riser NDT Inspection

Customised NodeScanner


One of our bespoke solutions features a robotic scanner designed for the detection and measurement of both surface and subsurface cracks within intricate anode welds. This robotic arm possesses a level of dexterity comparable to that of a human hand, enabling it to precisely scan the semi-elliptic weld surface.

We have achieved complete coverage by employing a combination of advanced NDT techniques, Subsea Phased Array (SPA™) and Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM®), even when access to only 50% of the inspection area was feasible.

By utilising these advanced technologies, we ensure the utmost accuracy and precision in detecting and measuring cracks, even in the most complex welding configurations.

Custom SPA Robotics for Duplex Elbows

As the piping to be inspected was duplex, it was decided that a subsea phased array (SPA) would be the most suitable NDT technology to collect wall thickness measurements.

SPA was deployed using a custom LineScanner scanner, designed and developed for this specific application. A motorised robotic scanner, which included an internal encoder to measure the distance travelled, was placed on the asset to be inspected and then released to allow the ROV to observe from a distance while providing camera views.

LineScanner underwater phased array SPA

Case Studies

Subsea Phased Array (SPA) for Duplex Bends

TSC Subsea were challenged to investigate sand erosion concerns on subsea structure piping off the coast of Western Australia. The inspection campaign covered multiple assets, including Pipeline End Manifold (PLEM), tie-in spool and subsea cooling skid.

Pushing the boundaries of deepwater hydrate detection capability

The ART vPush was designed and developed by TSC Subsea’s UK team, working closely with the company’s acoustic scientists based in Norway, to meet the specific needs of the operator for this project.

Deploying dual NDT Methods for the Inspection of Complex Welds

The Challenge TSC Subsea received a request from a major operator, Equinor AS, to evaluate the feasibility of inspecting subsea risers coated with thermally sprayed aluminium (TSA).

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