Subsea Pipeline Inspection

Subsea pipeline inspections require the highest level of accuracy to produce high-quality data. Pipeline integrity depends on it. For unpiggable pipes the TSC Subsea ARTEMIS™ offers a unique solution using ART technology to inspect in-service subsea pipelines giving high accuracy and reliable wall thickness measurements.

In-Service External Subsea Pipeline Inspection

The TSC Subsea ARTEMIS™ acoustic resonance technology system enables subsea pipeline inspection via ROV without the need for field joint coating removal, greatly reducing integrity risk and the cost of expensive inspection operations. The ARTEMIS™ is compatible with most work-class ROVs and delivers real time data that provides a 2D image of the wall thickness of the inspected area. Applications in subsea conditions are vast and include: 

  •  Through-coating inspections
  • Piggyback solutions
  • Field joint inspections

Using TSC Subsea ARTEMIS™ which utilizes the ART technology and solutions results in:

  • Higher accuracy
  • Minimal dredging requirements
  • Minimal vessel time
  • Life extension of the equipment

The inspection can also provide information about coating thickness and identifies whether a loss of wall thickness is on the outside or inside of the inspection area of the pipe.

Spectrogram showing the acoustic response from the pipe. Defects are clearly visible on the C-scan.
C-scan showing wall thickness measurement.

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