ART vCaliper™

The ART vCaliper™ is a non-intrusive, lightweight, remotely-deployed advance inspection system especially used to obtain pipe ovality, dent measurement as well as high-resolution wall thickness measurements for areas with confined space or tight assess using TSC Subsea’s field proven Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART).

ART vCaliper™

The ART vCaliper™ was designed, developed and built by TSC Subsea’s team of engineers as a bespoke tool to address challenges during a subsea tie back project. The requirement was to inspect the hot tapping location to check for potential ovality and metal loss issues which  had limited access for the tool.  

The ART vCaliper™ has since proven to be effective for a wide array of uses, particularly when accurate measurements are needed for critical subsea structures with tight access. Common applications include pipeline hot tapping, dent measurement, and sizing for repair clamps, pipelines and other tubular structures, and jackets.

ART’s ability to provide high accuracy pipe ovality measurements as well as high resolution wall thickness through almost any thick subsea coating, results in major cost savings by eliminating the time and effort that would be required for coating removal.


The ART vCaliper easily interfaces with all common ROV. It is lightweight and uses a magnetic motorless arc to fasten on the pipe and provides full 360° coverage around the pipe with simple manipulation by an ROV.

The tool features two transducers 180°apart, that collect data simultaneously with a minimum collection of 3 readings for ovality.
The current design scope caters for inspection from 6 – 20” and it can be easily engineered to any diameters required.

The ART vCaliper was deployed in the Gulf of Mexico along with MagCrawler that uses ACFM® technology to conduct a combined caliper, wall thickness and weld inspection in a single campaign.

 Read more about this project in the upcoming case study next week.


ART vCaliper™ Features and Benefits


Remotely-deployed system with easy interface to all common ROVs, eliminating personnel risk


Light weight and robust design to access tight areas


Provides accurate ovality measurements for dent assessment or repair as well as direct quantitative wall thickness measurements with highly accurate depth sizing (± 0.2mm)


Unique design requires limited dredging around the pipe for access and full coverage


Performs a full circumferential scan efficiently by just moving the tool 180o


High tolerant to soft marine growth and requires limited surface preparation such as HP jetting and brushing


Flexible design enables inspection from 6”-20” and above, with minimal adjustment via a single tool


Capable of deep-water inspection to a depth of 3000m or 300bars

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