Subsea Grout Integrity Assessment

The ART GUIDE System is the only subsea external scanning inspection solution for grouting integrity assessment currently in use offshore in the North Sea. It is remotely deployed using either work or inspection class ROV and is designed to quickly interface with these ROVs. ART GUIDE is the most efficient solution for grouting integrity assessment.


ART GUIDE System, Acoustic Resonance Technology Grout Underwater Inspection Delivery System was custom designed and built for a major operator in the North Sea to cover a technology gap in the market for a solution which could improve the level of input data for the integrity assessment on grouted structures. ART GUIDE is made for inspection of grouted connections, meaning anywhere that two steel interfaces are connected using grout. This is not only limited to grouted connections on offshore platforms but is also found on non-floating wind turbines offshore, ship hulls and possibly other applications.

Through close collaboration with the client, the technology has been tested on samples containing typical failure modes expected to be found in subsea structure. Upon completion of FAT, the inspection operation was carried out by scanning selected areas around the structure on a platform in the North Sea. The operation was supported by ROV which puts the magnetically attached scanner onto the steel before moving away and observing the operation.

The ART GUIDE has successfully inspected the first steel interface and was able to provide the inspection results that the client needed. Further developments are underway to look deeper into the grout to gather information from the second steel interface.

Key benefits of the ART GUIDE include


Costs are minimized through quick interface with most ROV types.  


Can be used on painted surfaces and cleaned by light jetting or a rotating brush system. 


Multiple sensors minimize scanning time.   


High resolution and accurate inspection data  


Data can be processed and available during scanning operation. 


Parallel inspection of wall thickness of steel structure. 


Benchmarked against failure modes relevant for any grouted connection 

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