The robust, field-proven TSC Subsea Linear Scanner is a compact, remotely deployed scanning solution specifically designed to fit into restricted-access areas where other inspection scanners simply won’t fit. It is positioned onto the inspection area via an ROV.


The scanner’s automated linear scan action ensures smooth and consistent real-time data capture, maximising array probes to cover up to 100% of the inspection area. Once placed in position by the ROV, built-in passive compliance ensures good probe contact during scanning. The LinearScanner™ actively measures the travel distance of the probe, resulting in accurate defect position and sizing.

The LinearScanner™:

  • Scans straight welds, e.g. corner fillet welds
  • Scans 200mm in 10 seconds
  • Is compact enough to fit into restricted areas others can’t access
  • Uses cameras and mirrors to allow operators to observe the probe during scanning
  • Enables interpretation of the data in real time while storing the raw data for later use
  • Has a low false-call rate
  • Is tolerant of residual marine growth and material coatings

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