Subsea Inspection Services

TSC Subsea is a technology-enabled inspection vendor that specializes in solving the most challenging subsea NDT inspections anywhere in the world.

What is ACFM?

Alternating current field measurement (ACFM) is an electromagnetic inspection technique that introduces an alternating current into the surface of a component to detect surface-breaking cracks.

What is ART?

Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART) is a patented, ultra-wideband acoustic inspection technology that offers penetration and measurement capabilities exceeding those of existing inspection technologies, providing accurate wall thickness measurement and metal loss detection.

Flexible Riser Inspection

With a cost-effective, non-intrusive inspection method, the ARTEMIS utilizes ART to detect the presence of gas or water medium under layers of coating in a flexible riser.

TSC Subsea is specialised in advanced subsea inspection methods for challenges where conventional NDT can’t work. With remotely deployable inspection tools we go where divers can’t operate, in hazardous environments, and in restricted locations to inspect welds, pipelines and offshore structures.

Subsea Structures

Splash Zone

Vessels and FPSOs

Flexible Risers



Consistently and accurately solving challenges

TSC Subsea provides diverless underwater scanners and crawlers that can deploy ACFM®, ART and PEC probes to the work face. Based on those state-of-the-art ACFM®, ART and PEC platforms, TSC Subsea offers:

Personnel with advanced training and experience to cost-effectively improve the asset integrity knowledge of our clients’ infrastructures
Innovative custom design, engineering and manufacturing followed by mock-up testing to ensure a successful work program before vessel/ROV operations, contributing to our 100% success record

CSWIP Level 3 support service, which provides project management advice, specialized ACFM procedure writing, and detailed inspection planning


ACFM® training to our clients to expand their skill sets and equipment solutions

Cost-effectively monitor assets and infrastructure

TSC Subsea’s remote inspection technology enables our clients to cost-effectively monitor their assets and infrastructure. Using high-quality data packaged within field-proven delivery systems allows our clients to manage operations based on the most reliable and repeatable inspection results, minimising unscheduled stoppages, incidents, and leaks to the environment. Our exclusive access to ROV-deployed ACFM®, ART and PEC systems coupled with the NodeScanner™ or MagCrawler™, along with the ARTEMIS™ system are why TSC Subsea has the solutions you need.




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Case Studies

Remote Subsea Inspections

Remote Subsea Inspections

The challenge Risers, and the riser guides that hold them in place, are subject to severe environmental conditions that often lead to fatigue damage. Failure of these structures could be potentially catastrophic so they must be inspected regularly to ensure structure...

ARTEMIS® – The right way to measure pipe integrity

ARTEMIS® – The right way to measure pipe integrity

With operating and development costs rising in the North Sea, companies are required to operate more cost-efficiently and utilize their assets effectively. With many platforms now extending production well beyond their original design life, increased maintenance and...

ARTEMIS® – a subsea external pipeline and riser inspection system

ARTEMIS® – a subsea external pipeline and riser inspection system

Situation 10” WI ”Unpiggable” Flowline5 areas selected for inspection of corrosion/ erosion rate since previous inspection4 mm Polyethylene and FBE coatingPartially buried Onshore Blind Testing All 7 defects found with high degree of accuracy Results All defects found...