Advanced Subsea Robotic Inspection Services

TSC Subsea combines patented and proprietary NDT inspection technologies with award-winning robotic systems to solve the most challenging subsea inspections – from the routine to the seemingly impossible.

Through our exclusive underwater Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) technologies and remote robotic scanners, we empower our customers to perform integrity assessments on their subsea assets including pipelines, flexible/rigid risers, offshore structures and vessels while minimising costs, reducing environmental impact, and enhancing personnel safety.

Subsea NDT Applications

TSC Subsea distinguishes itself by providing a wide array of NDT techniques and subsea robotic inspection systems deployable via remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) or divers. This versatility enables us to carefully choose and utilise the most suitable NDT methods that align with the unique needs of our customers.

We are committed to delivering superior quality and reliable inspection data on time, every time. We assure our customers of accurate subsea asset integrity assessments, enabling them to make well-informed decisions and instilling confidence in their operations.

With TSC Subsea we found a reliable partner with whom we were able to complete the relevant offshore work in a safe manner, within the scheduled time frame and within the planned budget.

Ocean Breeze Energy GmbH (OBE) Project Manager

Subsea Inspection Services

With a track record of over ten years in resolving subsea inspection challenges across various water depths, ranging from the splash zone to ultra-deepwater, we possess the knowledge and experience in assessing the following types of damage mechanisms and typical issues associated with vital underwater assets:

Each local area data collection was completed 5 times quicker compared with the Computed Tomography (CT) tool used in Gulf of Mexico (GoM) which was the only external local inspection technology available for deepwater production systems at that time.

Shell Project Manager

Advanced NDT for Subsea

Our comprehensive portfolio encompasses a range of NDT inspection technologies. These advanced techniques seamlessly integrate with a variety of subsea robotic scanners, all of which can be deployed via remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) or divers.

What technologies are best suited to your subsea inspection application?

Underwater Robotic Deployment

TSC Subsea’s remote inspection robotics allows our clients to efficiently and cost-effectively monitor their subsea assets and infrastructure. Our field-proven robotic delivery systems ensure high-quality NDT inspection data, enabling clients to make informed operational decisions based on reliable and repeatable inspection results. This approach minimises unscheduled stoppages, incidents, and environmental leaks, ensuring smoother and more sustainable operations.

Case Studies

Smooth Sailing with ACFM Crack Assessment on Cargo Ship Propellers.

The Archon Gabriel Bulk Carrier was navigating the cold waters of the Gulf of Finland. The harsh sea conditions, laden with sea ice, posed significant navigational challenges and resulted in the ship’s 6-meter diameter bronze propeller suffering ice damage. Given the...

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