ART – Acoustic Resonance Technology

The advantages of acoustic resonance technology (ART) have long been recognised in the subsea inspection marketplace. The technology—with its coating penetration and accuracy capabilities for through-wall inspection of pressure holding equipment—is well suited to detect mediums. TSC Subsea’s ART is deployed remotely via our ARTEMIS™ system to provide unique external inspection of subsea assets, including rigid and flexible pipelines, flowlines and risers.

ACFM – Alternating Current Field Measurement

For 30 years, alternating current field measurement (ACFM) electromagnetic inspection technology has been the method of choice for detecting and sizing subsea surface-breaking cracks. Recognized and approved by many certification bodies, including DNV, ABS and Lloyds, the technique has been used successfully to supersede traditional non-computerized and more user-dependent methods, such as magnetic particle inspection (MPI).

PEC – Pulsed Eddy Current

Corrosion under insulation is possibly the greatest unresolved asset integrity problem in the industry. Adding a subsea environment to that increases the challenge ten-fold. Current methods for measuring wall thickness over insulation (liftoff) without removing it all have severe limitations. TSC Subsea’s exclusive ROV-deployed subsea Eddyfi Lyft® and high-resolution array probes provide a high-performance solution that reinvents pulsed eddy current (PEC).

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Remote Subsea Inspections

Remote Subsea Inspections

The challenge Risers, and the riser guides that hold them in place, are subject to severe environmental conditions that often lead to fatigue damage. Failure of these structures could be potentially catastrophic so they must be inspected regularly to ensure structure...

ARTEMIS® – The right way to measure pipe integrity

ARTEMIS® – The right way to measure pipe integrity

With operating and development costs rising in the North Sea, companies are required to operate more cost-efficiently and utilize their assets effectively. With many platforms now extending production well beyond their original design life, increased maintenance and...

ARTEMIS® – a subsea external pipeline and riser inspection system

ARTEMIS® – a subsea external pipeline and riser inspection system

Situation 10” WI ”Unpiggable” Flowline5 areas selected for inspection of corrosion/ erosion rate since previous inspection4 mm Polyethylene and FBE coatingPartially buried Onshore Blind Testing All 7 defects found with high degree of accuracy Results All defects found...