ARTEMIS – Speed of Inspection Results in Large Cost Savings for Unpiggable Flowline

Mar 22, 2021

The ”Unpiggable” Flowline – ARTEMIS® Case Study


  • 10” WI ”Unpiggable” Flowline
  • 5 areas selected for inspection of corrosion/ erosion rate since previous inspection
  • 4 mm Polyethylene and FBE coating
  • Partially buried

Onshore Blind Testing

All 7 defects found with high degree of accuracy

Wall thickness result from ARTEMIS inspection


  • All defects found with high accuracy
  • No coating removal required
  • Minimal dredging required, saving
  • several days vessel time
  • Inspection speed was 30% of allocated operator time
ARTEMIS performing inspection subsea

“ARTEMIS® provided data as good and faster as other methods I’ve used. This allowed us to reduce the amount of dredging which saved us a significant amount of time and money”

– Client

What is ARTEMIS®

ARTEMIS® is a subsea external pipeline and riser inspection system that inspects subsea pipelines and risers with measurement capabilities exceeding existing alternative technologies. It is deployed on a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to inspect subsea pipelines to assess their internal condition. With its unique sensors design, it is able to perform a full circumferential scan in a fraction of the time needed by less-sophisticated technologies. Because there is no radioactive source, health and safety risks are significantly reduced.

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