TSC Subsea and SubseaRobotix join forces to bring their combined expertise to Nigeria’s subsea inspection market.

Aug 1, 2023

TSC Subsea

TSC Subsea is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with SubseaRobotix, a leading name in the field of subsea deployments, to deliver an innovative, client-focused, and solution-based approach to subsea engineering and structural integrity in the Nigerian market.


The decision to partner with SubseaRobotix to service the Nigerian market was an easy one for TSC Subsea. Both companies share similar core values, making our collaboration a powerful force committed to providing superior quality and reliable inspection data for subsea assets. This includes pipelines, flexible risers, and offshore structures while focusing on cost-effectiveness, environmental consciousness, and, above all, enhancing personnel safety.

Setting itself apart in the industry, TSC Subsea takes pride in offering an extensive range of advanced non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques and robotic inspection systems, all deployable via divers or remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). This versatility empowers us to choose and utilise the most suitable NDT methods, catering to the unique needs of our customers.

With over 300 successful Subsea deployments worldwide, SubseaRobotix has a remarkable track record of delivering high-specification asset integrity assessments in even the most extreme subsea environments.

“We are excited to combine our expertise and strengths with SubseaRobotix to bring our ANDT solutions to the Nigerian market,” said Jonathan Bancroft, Sales Director at TSC Subsea. “Together, we aim to revolutionise the landscape of subsea inspection capabilities and structural integrity, ensuring utmost client satisfaction and raising the industry standards to new heights.”

Dr Bello Salihu, Co-founder / Chief Technology Officer at SubseaRobotix commented, “As pioneers of Advanced Non-Destructive Technology (ANDT) solutions in Nigeria, SubseaRobotix is uniquely positioned to deliver TSC Subsea’s world-class and field-proven ROV-deployed advanced structural integrity solutions to the Nigerian market and further afield in West Africa.

This agreement cements the long-standing relationship between our companies, and it is a measure of the confidence and trust both parties have in each other’s capabilities.”

The collaboration between TSC Subsea and SubseaRobotix is set to create a transformative impact on the Nigerian subsea inspection industry, driving innovation, efficiency, and safety to all involved.

About TSC Subsea:

TSC Subsea is a technology-enabled inspection vendor specialising in solving the most challenging subsea NDT inspections worldwide. By providing a wide array of NDT techniques and robotic inspection systems deployable via ROVs, we carefully choose and utilise the most suitable NDT methods that align with the unique needs of our customers. Our commitment to delivering superior quality and accurate asset integrity assessments.

About SubseaRobotix:

SubseaRobotix is a renowned name in the field of subsea deployments, with a global presence and a proven track record of delivering high-quality asset integrity assessments in challenging subsea environments. The company’s advanced technologies and expertise make it a preferred partner for various subsea projects worldwide.


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