TSC Subsea is a technology-enabled inspection vendor that specializes in solving the most challenging subsea NDT inspections anywhere in the world.

Whether inspection needs relate to subsea pipelines, FPSOs or offshore platforms, the company provides advanced engineering solutions, custom designs, mock-up testing, and inspection services to ensure successful work programs on site.

TSC Subsea also provides unique services around its proprietary Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM®) technology where, for instance, the ability to accurately depth size cracking defects produces information required for engineering decisions that enable the protection and lifespan extension of marine assets.

TSC Subsea is headquartered in Milton Keynes, UK, and operates globally in key subsea markets. TSC Subsea is part of Eddyfi/NDT, an innovative technology Group that strives to develop the most advanced NDT science and technology in the world.


Typical challenges faced by our customers include:

  • Complex geometries, where standard probes and alternative NDT techniques just do not work
  • Deepwater where divers cannot access work faces
  • Restricted locations where human access is impossible
  • Hazardous situations where there may be a danger to life
  • Requirement to inspect through thick protective coatings

ACFM Inspection

Alternating current field measurement (ACFM) was originally developed as a way for divers to find and depth size fatigue cracking in jacket structures and so it is no surprise that the technique has become a benchmark in subsea crack detection. We utilise the U41 which is recognised as the industry-standard platform for diver and ROV deployed inspections where high PoD in conjunction with low false calls are key factors in the determination of offshore asset integrity. The ability to accurately depth size defects produces the information required to allow engineering decisions that protect and extend the life of these assets.

Typical Applications

  • Subsea weld inspection
  • Jackets and subsea structures
  • Pipeline welds
  • Class surveys (UWILD)
  • Splash zone inspections
  • Damage assessment
  • Through-coating NDT