18 Feb TSC Subsea Welcomes Halfwave & its ART Technology

Milton Keynes, UK, February 18th, 2020 — Eddyfi/NDT, TSC Subsea’s parent company, announced today the acquisition of Halfwave, headquartered in Bergen, Norway. Halfwave is the owner of the proprietary Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART), an ultrasound-based technique which allows high-precision measurements in imperfect conditions and without the need for liquid couplant. The company is currently active worldwide in the field of Subsea inspection and Pipeline inline inspection (ILI). The company has over 70 employees and additional offices in Oslo, Norway, and Houston, USA.

Martin Theriault, CEO of Eddyfi/NDT, says: “We are first and foremost an NDT technology company. The uniqueness and proprietary nature of the ART technique was an opportunity we could not miss. This acquisition is very synergetic for our group, impacting all 3 of our business units. Eddyfi Technologies will benefit from leveraging a new modality to create a multitude of new applications. TSC Subsea will add a second, highly differentiated modality to its offering. NDT Global will officially enter the in-service gas pipeline segment and present a competitive alternative to EMAT insofar as SCC crack detection. All in all, the transaction reinforces Eddyfi/NDT’s positioning as a high-end, high-performance solutions provider agnostic to any particular modality.”

Halfwave Subsea will merge with TSC Subsea, and the two units will mutually benefit from larger scale and market access. Halfwave AS, the ILI entity, will kick off its integration with NDT Global at the PPIM Conference in Houston next week. The initial focus will be on creating rapid sales synergies. NDT Global’s operational know-how, experience and footprint will improve the robustness of ART inspection service. The integration process is expected to be finalized during the course of 2020. This will allow the Halfwave team to remain focused on continuing to develop the science for onshore metal thickness applications, as well as crack inspection.

Halfwave was acquired from its main shareholders – EV Private Equity, Shell Ventures, Chevron Technology Ventures and DNVGL – in addition to key employee shareholders. Halfwave´s Chairman and Senior Partner at EV Private Equity, Einar Gamman, observed: “It was very important for the shareholders to find a buyer that could continue perfecting the ART technique and accelerate its global adoption. Following a competitive process, we found there was no better entity than Eddyfi/NDT to deliver the most prosperous future for the ART offering. I want to thank the staff of Halfwave, who have, since our initial investment in 2012, developed and commercialized a set of disruptive asset integrity inspection techniques and as such I am proud that we are positively contributing to the important global targets of safer operations of, and reduced emissions from, the up & midstream hydrocarbon industry.”

CEO of Halfwave, Paul S Cooper, adds: “It has been a great journey growing and developing the ART NDT platform into unique market-leading pipeline and subsea inspection applications. The combination of a talented Halfwave team, forward-looking clients and unwavering support from our owners has provided an unstoppable recipe for success. Eddyfi/NDT’s impressive complementary technology portfolio, technology focus and global footprint provides the perfect vehicle for ART to realize its full potential in the market. We are very excited at becoming part of the Eddyfi/NDT team.”


About TSC Subsea

TSC Subsea is a technology-enabled inspection vendor that specializes in solving the most challenging and remotely deployed subsea NDT inspections anywhere in the world. With its range of exclusive NDT technologies, the remotely deployed techniques allow the use of state-of-the-art science & expertise to assess the structural integrity of offshore assets whilst minimizing overall campaign costs, environmental impacts and improve personnel safety. Whether inspection needs relate to subsea pipelines, FPSOs or offshore platforms, the company provides advanced bespoke engineering solutions, mock-up testing and qualified inspection service personnel to ensure successful work programs on site. TSC Subsea provides unique weld inspection services around its proprietary Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM®) technology where, for instance, the ability to accurately depth size cracking defects produces information required for engineering decisions that enable the protection and lifespan extension of marine assets. TSC Subsea is headquartered in Milton Keynes, UK, and operates globally in key subsea markets. www.tscsubsea.com


About Halfwave

Halfwave provides accurate and reliable inspection data that allows its customers to make informed choices in order to maintain the integrity of critical assets. Halfwave has developed innovative cost-effective inspection tools and services for the energy market. Key to Halfwave’s offering is its patented ultra-wideband acoustic inspection technology (ART), which offers penetration and measurement capabilities significantly exceeding those of existing inspection technologies. The company has established ART as a superior technology for pipeline & subsea inspection. Halfwave’s workshop and office headquarters are located in Bergen, Norway. The company also has an office in Oslo and a workshop in Houston, USA. www.halfwave.com