Halfwave launches ARTEMIS – a game-changing inspection solution

Mar 22, 2015

TSC Subsea
ARTEMIS allows offshore operators to cost-effectively extend the lifetime of their subsea infrastructure, while simultaneously improving its technical safety.

Paul Cooper, CEO of Halfwave, commented “The oil and gas market has waited a long time for an effective way to inspect subsea risers and pipelines. The ARTEMIS system now provides a technical solution that meets industry needs”.

Over one-third of all subsea pipelines and risers cannot be inspected using today’s technology. Existing technologies either fail to provide direct measurements of remaining wall thickness, or struggle to measure through coating. ARTEMIS uses a proprietary acoustic inspection technology originally developed by DNV GL. This technology, known as Acoustic Resonance Technology (ART), is able to directly measure remaining wall thickness through subsea coatings. Using ARTEMIS, operators can inspect pipelines and risers which were previously thought “uninspectable”. This is a game-changer for the inspection industry.

ARTEMIS is a non-intrusive inspection tool: it is deployed by ROV and performs a 360 degree scan through pipeline and riser coatings. Using ARTEMIS, operators have the potential to extend the lifetime of subsea infrastructure beyond its design lifetime. Instead of today’s typical plans of annual visual inspection, ARTEMIS offers operators inspection data which is more detailed, more robust and more informative. Armed with better data about their assets’ integrity, operators can simultaneously save money and increase safety.

The ARTEMIS system will allow the operator to gather vital information on critical areas, vastly improving the technical safety of installations, avoiding leaks and unscheduled shutdowns. Halfwave has already qualified the technology with one operator and there is great interest from many others. Peter Mellbye, a member of the Halfwave board, commented “The potential for the system cannot be denied and its cost effective application will certainly provide a viable alternative for offshore operators”.

The launch of ARTEMIS is Halfwave’s second ground-breaking product launch in less than a year: The ART Scan inline inspection tool, launched in April 2014, is proving a great success in the market. Now with the launch of the ARTEMIS system and a fully-mobilized operations team to support its operation, Halfwave adds a new capability to better serve the world’s inspection markets.

Offering a new method for Pipeline & Subsea Inspection

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